Truck Accident Tip: Take Photos

Remember: Take Photos after your Washington DC Truck accident

Washington DC truck accident attorneys are rarely the first thoughts on anyone’s mind. No one wants or expects to be in a car or truck accident. However, Forbes magazine reports that on average drivers report being involved in a road accident every 17 years. Furthermore, one in every nine road fatalities involves a truck. If you are hit by a truck, the effects can be extremely serious.Our Washington DC truck accident lawyers encourage you to document, as best as you can, what occurred in the accident. The following tips can help you with this process, proving you were not at fault.

Call For Help:

Before contacting a truck accident attorney in Washington DC, it is important to first and foremost assess the medical condition of all parties, including yourself. In the event of an accident, obtain an ambulance or medical attention for anyone who needs it or have someone call for an ambulance. Also, if anyone is hurt or if the vehicles involved can not operate safely, contact the police. Drivers are not advised to move their vehicles unless the injuries are very minor and the vehicles are blocking traffic.

Photograph the details:

Once everyone has received the immediate medical care they require, begin to photograph the accident scene, injured parties, and property damage. You would also be wise take pictures of skid marks, and the vehicles’ positioning in the street and in relation to each other.

Use Different Distances and Angles

Taking photos from different distances will allow you to show the accident from varying perspectives. This will give a more holistic picture of the event. Close pictures will allow you to capture small but potentially crucial details. You may also wish to capture medium distance photographs as well as photographs from ten to fifteen feet away. Each of these can give new and insightful perspectives when filing a claim or consulting with a Washington DC trucking accident attorney. The more evidence and photo documentation you have, the better.

External Factors:

Remember that weather can play a huge role in road conditions and fault. Therefore it is wise to capture any environmental factors that could have contributed to the accident. Was there rain or other precipitation? Was there dust or debris in the vicinity–perhaps from a nearby construction site? Particularly in instances where a party is injured, photographs play a key role when explaining truck accident claims in a court of law. In the event of a truck accident, you may benefit from photographing the environment where the truck collision took place.
If you have been involved in an accident and wish to consult with a motorcycle, car or truck accident lawyer in Washington DC, photographs will prove to be one of your most valuable assets. They can protect you from receiving unnecessary penalties that may harm your driving record. For more ways to protect yourself, visit our other accident tips pages, or contact Cohen & Cohen, PC for a free case evaluation.