Truck Accident Tip: Obtain a Police Report

It would be prudent for you to contact an established truck accident attorney in Washington DC as soon as you are involved in a truck accident in Washington, DC . Whether or not you believe you will file a lawsuit, a Washington DC truck accident attorney can help you understand your legal rights and obligations in the aftermath of your collision. And, should you decide to pursue a claim, an experienced Washington DC truck accident lawyer can help you resolve your claim in a way that best protects your rights.

One of the most important steps to take after an auto accident is obtaining a copy of the police report. Among other things, a police report can helps establish credibility in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Insurance claims adjusters aim to pay the lowest amount possible to injured accident victims, and discrediting a victim’s account of the accident is one of the main ways in which they attempt to do so. A police report will provide evidence of the official facts of your accident. In order to ensure that a police report is created, you, or a witness or passerby to the accident must call the police to the accident scene. The information the police will gather on site can prove vital in assisting your Washington DC truck accident attorney throughout your case. Without this report, identifying witnesses, involved parties, and establishing time and location, becomes more difficult.

Though rules differ among jurisdictions, generally, accident victims are required to personally to to the police station to request an official copy of the accident report. Usually this involves time and a fair amount of detailed paperwork. It is best, therefore to take as many notes following an accident, so that you may accurately fill out the details to obtain a report. Once you prove your involvement, you may have to pay a small fee for the report copy. The police can then process your request and are expected to mail you a copy of the report within five business days.

Obtaining an accident police report may be a painstaking process but it is definitely worthwhile as it may be the difference between obtaining just compensation and being left with an overwhelming financial burden. If you have been injured in a truck accident in Washington DC and are considering taking legal action, contact an established truck accident attorney in Washington DC. Be sure that when you do, you can provide your Washington DC truck accident attorney with an official police report, as this information is essential to moving forward with your claim. For more information on car accident protocol, contact Cohen & Cohen, PC today.