Why hire a Washington DC truck accident lawyer? A study by the National Highway Safety Administration estimates that roughly 400,000 trucks are involved in road accidents each year, and that 1 in every 9 motor vehicle accident fatalities involves a truck.  Commercial trucks are some of the largest and most dangerous vehicles on the road.The ratio of the average car’s weight to the average commercial truck’s weight is about 4:10. Because truck drivers operate such large vehicles– often for long hours at a time– trucking accidents can cause some of the most devastating accidents, causing serious injury, property damage and even loss of life. If you drive often, especially on highways where trucks are common, it would be wise to maintain contact with an experienced Washington DC truck accident lawyer.

Washington DC truck accident lawyer Cohen & CohenAs the average car becomes increasingly compact, cars will only become more susceptible to severe damage when impacted by commercial trucks. Trucks have greater “blind spots” and because truck drivers often suffer sleep deprivation, determining fault in a truck accident case often  involves greater levels of complexity than in a car accident. A knowledgeable Washington DC or PG County truck accident attorney will certainly be helpful in resolving such matters.

Although truck driving is highly regulated, truck drivers still often drive for long, tiring periods at night, when visibility decreases and there are fewer drivers around. Truck drivers may thus be less mindful of others and therefore more susceptible to mistakes and poor decisions such as:

  • Falling asleep while driving
  • Driving an overloaded vehicle
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Speeding
  • Texting while driving

The regulations that surround truck driving make truck driving accident cases especially nuanced. Truck drivers must obtain special licenses to operate their vehicles. Also, they must operate their vehicles during certain hours, on certain roads, and are not allowed to transport certain materials that have been deemed unsafe.. These regulations can greatly affect your truck accident claim. Therefore, consulting with an experienced, highly qualified Washington DC truck accident attorney in your case early on can greatly impact the outcome of your claim.

If you are involved in a truck accident in Washington DC, do not hesitate to contact a Washington DC truck accident attorney in Washington DC. Cohen & Cohen PC’s truck accident lawyers in Washington DC can provide quality guidance and advocate for the compensation you deserve.

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