Motorcycle and Truck Accident Lawyers in Washington DC

Collisions between trucks and motorcycles require the skill of a superior Washington DC truck accident lawyer, as they are often among the most devastating. The Washington DC metropolitan area has a high incidence of road accidents, including a high number of  motorcycle accidents. It is well known that motorcycle accidents can be particularly dangerous for their operators because motorcycles lack the outward protection of a car.

As with truck accidents, motorcycle collisions are avoidable but because there is a perception that motorcycle riders “live dangerously,” injured riders have to overcome a bias when proving they are not at fault. For this, and other reasons,  if you operate a motorcycle it would be helpful for you to know an experienced Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer. The Washington DC truck accident attorneys at Cohen & Cohen PC also bring decades of trial experience to the nuanced cases involving motorcycles, as well as other personal injury matters. As knowledgeable motorcycle, pedestrian, car and truck accident lawyers in Washington DC, Cohen & Cohen has successfully obtained millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients and their loved ones.

truck accident lawyer Washington DCWith the increase in motorcycle sales over the past ten years naturally the number of motorcycle riders on the roads and highways has increased. And, as mentioned above, because they lack the protective frame of a car, truck or SUV, motorcycle riders are particularly at risk for the following injuries:

  • Biker’s arm (permanently paralyzed arm)
  • Head trauma and neurological damage
  • Soft Tissue damage
  • Permanent disability
  • Physical trauma
  • Broken limbs

If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident, seek medical attention, take photos of the accident scene, and obtain a police report. Also, you may wish to speak with a qualified motorcycle and truck accident lawyer in Washington DC, who can ensure that you are receiving your rightful benefits and compensation.

Most motorcycle riders are aware of these increased risks and are therefore more cautious than other drivers. If, as a motorcycle driver, you have experienced these traumas, and believe another driver is at fault, consider speaking with a reputable Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer. The attorneys at Cohen & Cohen PC can help you understand your legal options, guide you through the procedures, and work to obtain your deserved compensation. Contact the our Washington DC truck accident attorneys for a free case evaluation today.