Truck Accident Attorney Tip: Seek Medical Attention

Whether or not you speak with a Washington DC trucking accident lawyer, seeking medical attention is an important first step after an accident. Seeking attention from a medical  professional not only protects your health and prevents injuries from getting worse, it can also provide valuable evidence as direct proof of injury resulting from an accident, should you decide to pursue a claim and speak  with a truck accident attorney in Washington DC.

Even if you do not display any signs of major trauma, it is still wise to see a doctor and have a full evaluation. During a traumatic experience, adrenaline is flowing and can obscure pain you would otherwise feel. In the days following an accident, the pain may become more apparent and the failure to have sought medical treatment can lead to exacerbation of the injury. Many accident victims believe that a little rest and recuperation is enough to resolve an injury, and, while sometimes this may be all one needs, oftentimes it isn’t. Furthermore, if you decide to pursue a claim, and you don’t seek prompt medical attention, an insurance claims adjuster may argue that your injuries must not have been very severe, or that the injuries you are claiming did not result from the accident but rather from some event or incident that occurred after the accident. It is  therefore best to seek medical attention right away so your Washington DC trucking accident lawyer can advocate from the strongest position on your behalf.

It is also helpful to photograph injuries that result from an accident, at all stages– from the onset of the injury throughout the healing process.  It is of utmost importance that, if possible, you photograph your injuries  as soon as possible.  This is valuable evidence and can help prove the fact that the injuries you are claiming resulted from the accident, their severity, and how long they lasted. It is also a good idea to take notes from your doctor’s visits and to log prescriptions, invoices, receipts, etc. A Washington DC trucking accident attorney can use this information to pursue just compensation for you.

After a collision, consulting with a Washington DC truck accident attorney will prove helpful; even if you do not pursue a claim it is useful to know your rights and legal options. The attorneys at Cohen & Cohen PC can provide valuable knowledge in the aftermath of a truck accident. To learn more, schedule a free case evaluation online.